Our Work: Testimonials

MJW Services would like to thank all of our clients for making us a success through continued employment and referrals.

“Your crew was superlative! Artistic, neat and a pleasure to work with. Here's to future engagements. Thanks again. Well done.”

—Gary and Lindy


“Thanks, Mike, for a job well done! Your three man crew did a great job yesterday with putting down the mulch in our front and back yards, besides cleaning out the moss/weeds before hand. They also did a great job in cleaning up both our back and front yards afterwards, which we really appreciated. The color and texture of the mulch looks very good too! Overall, your three man crew was very friendly, easy to work with and did a professional job.”

—Gary & Ginny Kaefer


“Mike, OMG you guys are AMAZING! I couldn't stop smiling when I got home from work!
I need your billing address so I know where to send the check or send me an invoice AND let me know where I can write you and your crew a well deserved and awesome review! Thank you SO much!”



“Just want to say thank you for an amazing tree and first class delivery service. We cant wait to decorate it tomorrow. Best regards,”

—Shakira (very happy customer)


“Mike and everyone, Bill and I just want to thank you all for your hard work. We are so pleased with how it turned out. You are all such professionals and it was a pleasure having you transform our landscape. And yes, Mike, promise to keep the water going. Thanks again.”



“Mike, the crew was here yesterday and did an especially great job with the work. They did extra weed control and cleaned up an area of dead shrubs plus the usual. How wonderful to have a crew that does full care not just the normal cut and blow that is too common now. Next time some pruning will be done and will keep the yard looking great. A **** job. Thanks again for your super management of our yard and your excellent crew!!”



“We are so pleased with the work you and your team have done to design and build the stone wall, and to lay out and plant all the new shrubs, trees, and grasses in our yard. After two years of planning, the place looks outstanding! Your ongoing maintenance is also of highest quality, and we have been very pleased with the team's pleasantness and work ethic. Thank you so much for such great work at such an affordable price. We look forward to working with you as we attack the upper gardens!”

—Ed DesCamp, Bellevue


“Thanks so much, Mike. It was a fun day. You guys worked so hard, got so much - well, everything! done. We'll definitely be in touch when it's getting beyond us again - which may be sooner than later with mulching in mind. Not yet though. My hula hoe (to be) will help with those weeds in the meantime. :)
It's fun to be able to think now about planting.
You're great. Thanks again.”

—Mary Jane


“Thanks, Mike! The house looks great and we appreciate your good work.”

—Bob Kaufman


“Thanks Mike and crew for the first class work you did for us. The new trees look healthy and very attractive in planting. The pruning and landscaping couldn't have been better.

Your whole team was a pleasure to work with and always checked each step to assure it met our plans. All in all we are delighted with the work! Look forward to seeing you all again when we start on the front yard. Cheers!”

—Ed and Jeanne


“MJW Services have been a key part of my household program for over fifteen years. Attentive, conscientious, and professional, with a personal style that is always warm and familiar. Whether I need a hand with a last-minute project or a yard to be managed for an entire season while I'm out of town, the word that best describes MJW is Reliable.”

—Doug Legan, Bellevue, Orlando


“I have been nothing but impressed with you so far, very professional, and very straightforward. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.”



“Just wanted to say the guys did an awesome job on the yard - looks great!”

—Todd Hooper


“Thanks again so much for the wonderful job on our yard. Dan is quite pleased and I'm so thrilled. I will definitely call in about a month to schedule bed maintenance.”



“I want to complement the gentlemen that did the work on my concrete driveway and walks. It looks great.

I was thoughtless and didn't get his name, but when he saw me lugging groceries in the mist to the house, he stopped the washer, and came to my aid. I thanked him hurriedly, so would you please thank him again for me and let him know how much I appreciated his kindness.

You have a super-duper pleasant crew.”

—Mary Graham


“I'm very happy with the service. I especially like that I don't have to think about it! Twice I've actually been home and was able to observe your staff on the property. They're friendly, professional and diligent about their work. The neighbors haven't said anything - and that's a good thing!”

—Michael R. Judkins Town Home Association


“I am inclined to trust him as he has created one of the most beautiful front entrances in Duvall.”

—Marisa Rhett-Miller's Homestead Association, President


Miller's Homestead Landscape Report
First we had the departure of our second landscape company due to lack of maintenance. Our new landscape company, MJW Services has taken over and it is not hard to see the difference in the two companies. Just take a look at the beautiful front entrance and you will agree that this was a wise choice. Along with the much improved monument area, the owner of the landscape company has convinced me that the area along 275th does not need to be completely re-done. He was actually very pleased with most of the plantings along that area and has told me that what we are seeing is immature growth. After several years, and maintenance, the vegetation will have filled in that area and served the purpose of hiding the fence with indigenous plant life that will flourish and bloom beautifully. He has suggested moving some of the more flowering plants towards the front and spreading some others out. He assures me that his company will stay on top of the pruning and maintenance and keep it looking good. I am inclined to trust him as he has created one of the most beautiful front entrances in Duvall. This will also save us thousands by not re-doing that area as well.

—Marisa Rhett, Miller's Homestead

MJW Services, Inc. is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Contractor # MJWSESI968L5

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